Clients that are Breastfeeding

There’s a simple solution to this all nursing moms out there.

This is the easiest way to be able to still spray a nursing mom without them having to keep their bra on.

I present, the disposable nursing pad:


Brand doesn’t matter- I just pulled this image off of a Google search. Just make sure they have sticky strips on the back.

And here’s how it works:

1. Before you spray anywhere else on their body: If they are large chested, have the client hold up their breasts with their hands – I make sure elbows are out (like a chicken wing). Spray under the breast ( I usually spray the whole stomach at this time too, but it’s up to you). Use the hose to dry, and repeat if necessary.

2. With the client still holding their chest, have them turn around and spray their back and their legs. This gives the front more time to dry, and is just my preference, but you can skip to step 3 if this messes up your spraying method 🙂

3. Have the client reverse the pads and stick directly on their breasts. They should and will cover the nipple and more and stick pretty easily. I have had clients who put extra dress tape on them for more staying power. This also works with nursing pads that aren’t disposable- the spray tan will wash out, so they work just as well if you have tape for them.

4. Spray client as usual. I usually remove the pads at the end of the session for the client so the client doesn’t get any solution on the pad on their hands or barrier cream from their hands on their chest.

5. Clients-wipe the area with a baby wipe for good measure before getting dressed..

Result: No tan baby, and no limitations on clothing choices due to tan lines for mom.

As always, consult with a doctor before getting a spray tan while pregnant or nursing. And if you see some tan on baby, do what the mom in the article did and wipe with a baby wipe immediately. It should come right off:)

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