Spray Tanning Pregnant Clients

See also: Spray Tanning Breastfeeding Clients

The situation: A client calls and says she’s pregnant and wants to spray tan.

What to say: Congrats mom to be!

What else to immediately say:

Obvious Disclosure:  We are not doctors. We did not go to medical school and we run a spray tanning salon. We know our limits of medical knowledge. We insist you contact your doctor for permission to get a spray tan while pregnant.  You tan at your risk every time all the time.

Call your doctor, she knows what’s up.

What we can tell you about tanning while pregnant based on clients who have done so in the past( again, we are not medical professionals):

Some doctors do not recommend getting spray tanned while in your first trimester.

As salon professionals, insist on pregnant clients using disposable nose plugs. (In fact, recommend these to all clients all the time).

Pregnant clients are also inclined to wear chapstick as a block on their lips-though I know this sometimes equals bad tan lines around the mouth. The better option is to tell them no chatting during the spray and that they keep their mouth closed and breathe through their noses.

Insist they wear bottoms. Mucus membranes ladies.

There are published reports where spray tans have been misdiagnosed as allergic reactions on the skin while clients are in the hospital.

Remind your client that to make sure to tell your admitting physician immediately that they have a tan so it is not misinterpreted as a medical condition.


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