Answer this: I just got a _____; can I get a spray tan?

I just got a ____________________.  How will it affect my tan?


The tattoo must be healed or covered completely during your session. If you are getting a tattoo AFTER your tan, that’s okay- just know that the area where you are getting inked will be prepped prior, and that will strip the tan in that spot.

Laser Hair Removal/electrolysis/wax

I haven’t had any issues with clients who get these treatments done, but I recommend getting tanned 24-48 hours after your service and not getting tanned prior to it.

Psoriasis Outbreak

Tans can help conceal your patches, though we recommend you keep them well hydrated. I will paint a block cream on dry, scaly areas.

Chemical Peel

It depends on the strength of the peel. Ask your dermatologist or esthetician what they recommend. Obviously you would not get a tan prior to a peel.


Ideally, you are going to skip a spray tan when you are sunburned, because the peeling is an extra ugly site when it has spray tan on over it. That said, if you are not peeling you should be okay to tan. Make sure you exfoliate well prior to your session.

What else am I missing? Comment below!


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