I am over underwear tan line pictures..

I get it- there is an immediate effect that shows well in pictures, but it’s akin to showing someone with shampoo in their hair as an after.

Can we agree to start phasing these bikini line pictures out? The bronzer is rarely indicative of the tan’s outcome anyway. I’ve seen them and done them a hundred times and now they must die.


Wait, you say. None of my clients send me after rinsing photos unless they’re unhappy with something.

I’m with you.

And I have a solution (no pun intended).

Let’s offer our clients $5 off their next tan if they send after development, clothed pictures.

It can go right on the aftercare sheet. “Send us your post development picture showing off your tan and get $5 off your next service with us within the next (insert time period here-I suggest 60 days).

This both promotes client re- booking and gets you photographs that show how your tans look in the real world.

It also helps create a brand image that is not sexualized, which keeps your prom clients and adult women who have some body image issues clients away.

For example:




I’m starting this asap. Let me know how it goes for you as well, or if you’ve tried this and it was a huge #fail and I’m just being deluded. And let;s figure out what will work! -M

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