Double Dipping-#TechniqueTuesday

We all have clients who are never bronze enough. Or who have skin that doesn’t hold a tan as long as it “should” .

For these clients, I suggest a double dip- two tanning sessions within 48 hours of one another.

This is a common practice for body building competitors ( although they typically do 3 coats) but we have to scale it back  as that is quite a look and not appropriate for every day life.( Even if your client would LOVE it at first, do not enable them- remember we decided to trust our gut and our gut says no)

I would suggest a double dip to established clients who take care of their tans and are realistic about how their tans fade. You are putting a lot of solution on them, and it will be more noticeable.

Why don’t I just spray the client with more coats during one session?

First of all, sure, add another coat if you want. But once the skin is saturated, you can add a thousand coats and all it’s going to do is look shitty and dry out the skin. It’s the same thinking when applying any cream to your skin- after a certain point it’s not going to make a positive difference in the way spreading out the application does.

Read up on the science of a spray tan HERE.

And think of it this way- when you dump spray solution on your hands by accident multiple times a day, you hand is going to look how it’s going to look after about that third spill. Your skin will accept only  a certain amount of DHA at once.

Post your real life examples below!

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